Baker:  tz1R6Ej25VSerE3MkSoEEeBjKHCDTFbpKuSX
Fee:  9.5% (starting cycle 136)
Minimum:  30000 xtz ( Delegates that delegate before will still be paid )
About us

We are located from southeast Asia, which operates professional staking services for Tezos. We’ve been into crypto since the beginning of bitcoin and we believe Tezos will be one of the major future blockchain in crypto sphere.

Why choose us?

Dynamic Fee and Immediate payout. 9.5% dynamic fee and payout every cycle (once network releases coin).

We are reachable on Telegram, Twitter and Reddit.

Telegram: TezosSEAsia

Twitter: @SeTezos (TezosSEAsia)

Reddit: TezosSEAsia